Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Running Commentary On Election

Just started this. It's 8:15 right now, im watching CNN. I decided on CNN because Fox News is well, Fox News, and MSNBC is also sickeningly partisan. Im waiting till the daily show goes on at 10.
anyway, they just had reports from correspondents at each home rally for McCain and Obama. I think what their homes bases are like is a perfect sum up of the differences between the candidates. At Obama's rally, they had to get a new microphone for the correspondent because they couldn't hear her over the raucous crowds in Grant Park. McCain's supporters, however, are situated in a nice hotel in Phonenix. The Phonenix Boys Choir just performed. Need I say more?

CNN is holding out on calling Pennsylvania for Obama, but others have already. Numerous people have said McCain has no chance without Pennsylvania. So that's good. In other battleground states, Obama seems to have the edge in all of them.

I cant imagine what its like to be running for president and watch a wall of TV's telling you you're losing. I think its something like this

But as we all know, John McCain is used to torture... (yes, i know. I'm a terrible human being)
Now, imagine how Hilary Clinton's doing....(throws chair at tv screen.."IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!!!)

CNN just called Pennsylvania for Obama. McCain is pretty much screwed now.

...and Elizabeth Dole goes down

CNN just had a guy on saying that race was not a factor in this election, as people polled said it wasn't, as compared to other factors like age. Thing is, that if you ask a guy point blank, basically if he's a racist, even if it was a factor for him, he'll probably say no. a) as Malcom Gladwell showed in his excellent book Blink, our reactions to race often operate on a subconscious level, and b) why would you admit this? It's considered taboo to say you're a racist, even if you are. This is where the Bradeley Effect comes from. In short, CNN just said something silly.

What i am enjoying is watching the ultra-conservative idiots from my school and elsewhere post mournful, almost emo-like, status updates on the election. Some highlights.

"------- is on the verge of crying at the stupidity of the self righteous liberals."
(replace "self righteous liberals" with "my girlfriend" and voila! emo!)

"------- is please people, vote McCain. Vote for a future by not voting Obama."
(vote for a past that never existed by voting for McCain)

has to fast if Obama wins the election."
(has to? seems a little harsh)

lets all pray that obama loses."
(lets all pray you get gonorrhea)
s wow america. a fucking socialist nouchebag now runs your lives. fuck that im moving to australia"
(enjoy australia, sucker)
"------ posted a video...The End by The Doors"
(...of bush's presidency, thank god)

Also on facebook, possibly the stupidest group I've ever seen: If Barack Obama wins, I'm Moving To Canada. Apparently to flee socialized healthcare.

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